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Variance Reduction with MCNP6

Date:Monday December 05, 2022 through Wednesday December 07, 2022
Time:9:00-11:30 and 1:00-4:00 (US Mountain Time)
Place:WebEx Online Environment
Maximum Enrollment:40
Minimum Enrollment:20
Prerequisites:This is an intermediate- to advanced-level class intended for users who have some familiarity with MCNP6 and understanding of variance-reduction techniques such as that gained through attending the Introduction to MCNP6 class.


This class focuses on applying variance-reduction techniques in MCNP6 fixed-source calculations. Class examples provide experience running the MCNP6 code, understanding particle behavior through code output, and applying/tuning variance-reduction techniques.

The class includes lectures and hands-on computer use for a variety of variance reduction calculations. Time will be available to discuss individual questions and problems with the MCNP developers, and to pursue additional variance reduction topics.

The class will be based on version 6.2 on the MCNP code.

Topics include:

  • Brief review of particle transport, tallying, and statistics
  • Sampling, biasing, and statistical convergence
  • Understanding particle state with event logs
  • Implicit capture & weight rouletting review
  • Geometry-based importance splitting & rouletting review
  • Source biasing
  • Weight windows, and ways to generate them
  • Point detectors and DXTRAN
  • Forced collisions
  • Exponential transform
  • Other Details

    Minimum Class Enrollment

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    Non-US Citizens

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