Note: The last version of MCNP5 was released in 2010, and there is little or no support for MCNP5 today. Users are encouraged to use the current version - MCNP6.

MCNP Manual

  • X-5 Monte Carlo Team, “MCNP – A General N-Particle Transport Code, Version 5”
  • Volume I: Overview and Theory, LA-UR-03-1987 (April, 2003).
  • Volume II: User’s Guide, LA-CP-03-0245 (April, 2003).
  • Volume III: Developer’s Guide, LA-CP-03-0284 (April, 2003).

MCNP5-1.60 Release

  • Forrest Brown, Brian Kiedrowski, Jeffrey Bull, "MCNP5-1.60 Release Notes", LA-UR-10-06235 (2010).
  • Brian Kiedrowski, Forrest Brown, Jeffrey Bull, et al., "MCNP5-1.60 Feature Enhancements and Manual Clarifications", LA-UR-10-06217 (2010).
  • Forrest Brown, Brian Kiedrowski, Jeffrey Bull, Matthew Gonzales, Nathan Gibson, " Verification of MCNP5-1.60", LA-UR-10-05611 (2010).

MCNP5-1.51 Release

  • F. B. Brown, J.S. Bull, J.T. Goorley, A. Sood, J.E. Sweezy, "MCNP5-1.51 Release Notes", LA-UR-09-00384 (2009).
  • T.E. Booth, F.B. Brown, J.S. Bull, et al, "MCNP5 1.50 Release Notes", LA-UR-08-2300 (2008).
  • A. Sood, "Testing of Photon Doppler Broadening in MCNP5-1.50 and MCNP5-1.51", LA-UR-09-0467 (2009).
  • F.B. Brown, J.E. Sweezy, J.S. Bull, A. Sood, "Verification of MCNP5 - Version 1.50", LA-UR-08-3443 (2008).

MCNP5-1.40 Release

MCNP5-1.30 Release

MCNP5-1.20 Release

  • X-5 Monte Carlo Team, "Patch to Update MCNP Version MCNP5_RSICC_1.14 to Version MCNP5_RSICC_1.20" , LA-UR-03-8102 (2003).

MCNP5-1.14 Release

MCNP5 Utility Programs

MCNP Primers

Additional verification-Validation

MCNP is distributed by the Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (RSICC) --- formerly, Radiation Shielding Information Center (RSIC), Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

There are versions for virtually all systems asked about (PC, Linux, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, etc.). Please contact RSICC directly.

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