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Whisper - Software for Sensitivity-Uncertainty-based Nuclear Criticality Safety Validation

Whisper is computational software designed to assist the nuclear criticality safety (NCS) analyst with validation studies with the Monte Carlo radiation transport package MCNP. Standard approaches to validation rely on the selection of benchmarks based upon expert judgment. Whisper uses sensitivity/uncertainty (S/U) methods to select relevant benchmarks to a particular application or area of applicability (AOA), or set of applications being analyzed. Using these benchmarks, Whisper computes a calculational margin from an extreme value distribution. In NCS, a margin of subcriticality (MOS) that accounts for unknowns about the analysis. Typically, this MOS is some prescribed number by institutional requirements and/or derived from expert judgment, encompassing many aspects of criticality safety. Whisper will attempt to quantify the margin from two sources of potential unknowns, errors in the software and uncertainties in nuclear data. The Whisper-derived calculational margin and MOS may be used to set a baseline upper subcritical limit (USL) for a particular AOA, and additional margin may be applied by the NCS analyst as appropriate to ensure subcriticality for a specific application in the AOA.

Whisper provides a benchmark library containing over 1,100 MCNP input files spanning a large set of fissionable isotopes, forms (metal, oxide, solution), geometries, spectral characteristics, etc. Along with the benchmark library are scripts that may be used to add new benchmarks to the set; this documentation provides instructions for doing so. If the user desires, Whisper may analyze benchmarks using a generalized linear least squares (GLLS) fitting based on nuclear data covariances and identify those of lower quality. These may, at the discretion of the NCS analyst and their institution, be excluded from the validation to prevent contamination of potentially low quality data. Whisper provides a set of recommended benchmarks to be optionally excluded.

Whisper also provides two sets of 44-group covariance data. The first set is the same data that is distributed with SCALE 6.1 in a format that Whisper can parse. The second set is an adjusted nuclear data library based upon a GLLS fitting of the benchmarks following rejection. Whisper uses the latter to quantify the effect of nuclear data uncertainties within the MOS. Whisper also has the option to perform a nuclear covariance data adjustment to produce a custom adjusted covariance library for a different set of benchmarks.

Whisper is maintained as part of the MCNP6 Monte Carlo code distribution and adheres to the same rigorous SQA procedures.