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Reference Collection

This collection is a work-in-progress. If there are additional MCNP-related references that provide information on the mathematics, coding, sampling methods, verification/validation, applications, etc. of the MCNP code that you would like to see added to this list, then please contact mcnp_help@lanl.gov so that the collection may be expanded.

To summarize the listing below: there are 1083 unique entries organized into 89 categories. Within those entries, there are 913 technical reports, 101 articles, 43 proceedings excerpts, 21 books, and 5 book excerpts. Of the technical reports, there are 269 presentations, 23 memoranda, 16 research notes, 9 newsletters, 3 posters, 2 videos, and 1 research memorandum (with the rest uncategorized).

A cumulative view of the documents listed here over time is available as Figure 1. If the titles from these documents are used to generate a word cloud, then the 100 most frequently used words scaled by frequency and colored randomly can be assembled as shown in Figure 2.